The Quest For Triumph: Interactive Edition!

Hey, what’s up, Baconites? Enjoying a little bit of relaxation time after the hectic chaos of the holidays, in the lull before New Years Eve?

I bet you have a bit of time to spare, don’t you?

How about trying the fancy new BSE game¬†which Baconalen has chosen to provide us with? Consider it his Christmas present to you! That’s right, now you, too, can participate in all the epic wonders of The Quest For Triumph! Maybe you will even be triumphant. Who knows? It’s best if you try and find out!


The Quest for Triumph

Minimum Requirements

  • A WINDOWS computer that can display graphics. On a screen that is at least a few pixels in dimension.
  • A handful of megabytes of extra room on your hard drive.
  • Your handy-dandy Questing Kit (surely you have one…)

2 responses on “The Quest For Triumph: Interactive Edition!

  1. baconalen

    This is pretty rad but I can’t seem to get it working. Don’t know if it’s just me or if it will be that way for everyone.

    1. Xenrin

      Well, it works for me and Taran got it working.
      It’s probably because you’re using the computer that has RPG Maker on it. And I feel like that might cause some problems somehow.

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