[Ph!GR] Pokemon X and Y


Pokemon X Y

I’m a guy who plays Pokémon. You got a problem with that? Then I’ve got a problem with you.

“So what exactly is Pokémon?” I hear you question. Naturally I respond with, “What, you been livin’ under a rock or sumthin’? Come on, ya goof.”

I didn’t mean to be so mean but my inner New Yorker comes out whenever someone talks about Pokémon in a negative way.

I’m very defensive.

So what possibly could be the story of poker mans x ray and why am I so dumb? It’s pretty basic.

You play as some noob who gets a pokedex and then you gotta go around town and catch ‘em. Just catch ‘em all up. Maybe there’s something about some really fashionable man with excellent hair and good beard who wants to destroy the world and Pokémon so people will stop abusing Pokémon. WAT? If this man wasn’t so gosh dang stylish I would question his mental stability. But I know better than to question the leader of the most fashionable team this side of fashion team, Team Flare. Yeah! I root for Team Flare. They are clearly the most stylish men and women of the Kalos Region.

Also the Kalos Region is literally just France.

srsly googl it u gui

So what’s so cool about Pokémon X and Y? Lotsa stuff. First of all the battles are completely animated in 3D and there’s also mega evolutions which do things.

Look, if you cared about Pokémon you’d already have this game and if you’re on the fence about it then you should make up your mind already.

On a scale from something meaningless to something equally meaningless, Pokémon X and Y versions get a thirteen out of squirrel.

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