[Ph!GR] Battleblock Theater

Battleblock Theater


Battleblock Theater may or may not be a game that may or may not have been released on the Xbox arcade. And I may or may not have downloaded it and I may or may not have played it. And now I may or may not be writing a review about it.

Ok. All those things did happen.

Here’s what’s what about Battleblock Theater. It’s a game developed by Behemoth, the same geniuses behind Castle Crashers. So you know you can expect some awesome hand-drawn Greefix and hilarity to ensue. Luckily that is yes. This game does have awesome graphics and hilarity ensues.

The game begins as many a game begins. With a narrator telling us the backstory. Only this narrator is not your regular narrator. This narrator is… Stamper.  And he’s freaking hilarious. Okay. So… You know what let’s just do this. I’ll show you the opening cinematic. You’ll probably laugh your butt off. And if you don’t then you really need psychiatric help.


Did you giggle? Well you should have.

Now let’s talk about the gameplay.

Basically, it’s your standard puzzle platformer affair, all your buttons do the things buttons should. And the game controls smoothly enough that making mistakes is usually your fault. Also, you should play the game in Co-op mode with a friend. Preferably a friend that isn’t a complete idiot.

It’s a funny game. The end.

You want more? No. You can’t have any.

Ok. Here’s another song.


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