[Ph!GR] Army Of Two: The 40th Day

Army of two 2

Army of Two? More like Army of Poo!


It’s actually not that bad.

Army of Two: The Fortieth Day is a video game.


The main characters from the last game, Rios and Salem, go to Shanghai on vacation or something, then some wiggity-whack stuff happens and all the buildings start blowing up. Whop whop. Then they have to get out I guess. Why are all the buildings blowing up? I don’t know. What are Rios and Salem doing in Shanghai? I don’t know. How many more of these questions will I ask myself? Probably one more. Why are they called an “army of two”? Sake of convenience…

So the story is pretty bad and almost non-existent. How about the character development? Obviously, because they spent so much time not focusing on plot they must have spent a lot of time working on the characters. No. Not really. Rios is this grizzled veteran and a little bit crazy and Salem is voiced by Nolan North.

But the gameplay is fun… I guess. The games big thing is agro. If you shoot at enemies then they’ll pay more attention to you and ignore your friend. You can decrease the amount of agro you get by attaching silencers to your gun and slapping some camouflage on it. Or you can increase your agro by attaching a gigantic shield to the front of your gun made of solid gold.

The gameplay gets pretty repetitive, luckily the game is only like 5 hours long so, you know, take what you can get.

On a scale from bad to good Army of Two: 40th Day gets a not that bad.

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