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Tim Horton’s Moving to Thick Cut Bacon!


This is awesome news for Canadians all across Canada, (Redundant is my 5th middle name; get it?) and you few lucky Americans. Tim Horton’s is looking to add “thick cut hickory smoked bacon” to their line-up on March 13. That’s in less than a week. You know how awesome that is? I mean, goodness, bacon is awesome in any form; but THICK CUT, HICKORY SMOKED?! I’m *this* close to heaven.

First of all, it’s thick cut. THICK. Continue reading

Bacon Shaving Cream

So guess what.

Considering I’m currently speaking to a computer, I guess I’ll have to type it out.

Those beautiful people over at J&D Foods (Remember, Bacon Crazy!?) have created a bacon shaving cream. That’s right, shaving cream. One more reason to prove that bacon is the greatest substance on the planet.

Bacon Shaving Cream

Watch an informative video right over here.