Deep Pit of Derp-ression


*awkward tweet noise*

Just me? Alright, you ingrates. Get out.

So, it’s been a year, one full year of me being a dink and writing things about video games. See what I would have done, had you guys been cool or there had been more of you, is answer some questions about my life and about life in general, but I guess plans fall through.  (I’m blaming my lack of success on you, I just do my job, you should do yours.) Since neither of us got what we wanted today, I guess you’re just going to have to deal.

Let me talk about Skyrim!

The game that started it all.

You know, I never wanted to start doing this. I just wanted to start doing this, and look what happened. I don’t have any moral obligations to live up to. I could just stop doing this, right now. This would be the last you ever heard of me. I could just disappear into the night like a ninja. I won’t, but I could. Oh yes I could.

Skyrim? No one wants to hear me talk about that. No one wants to hear me talk anyways. What’s the point?

I’m going to go drink some alcohols until I get alcohols drunk… I don’t care if I’m under-age… ok yes i do dont hurt me mommy

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