Tim Horton’s Moving to Thick Cut Bacon!


This is awesome news for Canadians all across Canada, (Redundant is my 5th middle name; get it?) and you few lucky Americans. Tim Horton’s is looking to add “thick cut hickory smoked bacon” to their line-up on March 13. That’s in less than a week. You know how awesome that is? I mean, goodness, bacon is awesome in any form; but THICK CUT, HICKORY SMOKED?! I’m *this* close to heaven.

First of all, it’s thick cut. THICK. You know what that in and of itself means? That means more bacon every time you order something with bacon. More bacon is always better. Always.

And second of all it’s hickory smoked. Hickory trees provide the single best wood with which to cure that already succulent pork. And bacon cured with hickory… is, just… mmmmmmm… So freaking good.


Read it for yourself here. There are also two other non-bacon-related items on that post. But I don’t care.

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