Bacon Tanning

Okay, so that title may be a touch misleading. But only a touch.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of “Tanning Mom”, (’cause I certainly hadn’t until tonight) but she is certainly making more headlines than she probably deserves.

Tanning Mom

The story is that she loves to tan. All the time. She even brought her 5-year-old, red-haired, fair-skinned daughter in to tan with her. And this is where all of the headlines come in. When the young girl was asked by her teachers what the burn marks on her skin were from, she excitedly told them that she had ‘gone tanning with mommy’. Allegedly, anyway. Hence, the massive lawsuits surrounding this story and Patricia Krentcil being dubbed the worst mother in the U.S.

According to Patricia (and, it would seem, the owners of the tanning salon she frequents) her child never went on the tanning bed; not even in the room, for that matter. Even one of the teachers admits that the burns were only on parts of the child’s body, versus the entire body as it would be if she had been in the tanning bed; it would appear that this happened in the great outdoors while ‘tanning with mommy’. The charges have been dropped.

But here’s the best part: Patricia told NBC News that she wants to go “somewhere hot so I can fry like bacon and come back and say, ‘Ha! Ha! You can’t arrest me for lying in the sun.'” Bacon. She has won my heart. I don’t even care about anything else in this story.

It really was just another reason for me to talk about bacon. But if you’re interesting in finding out more about this story check it out over here.

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