Friendship is Magic

Since it’s Saturday and I have nothing better to do I would write a review. But I’m lazy so I’m just gonna talk.

If you watched Rolling In The Dough then you probably noticed a certain special guest. She’s new, and she’s never been inĀ one of ourĀ videos before.

Rainbow Dash.

Wait? Why would we have Rainbow Dash in one of our videos? Because every pony who’s cool is in fact a Brony, including your fine feathered friends at the Empire of Strips of Bacon. Except for Calen and Jon, they’re dopus’.

Maybe if you keep your eye out in the coming year you’ll notice some very “different” things…

Some very “different pony related” things.

What I’m basically trying to say is that we’re going to be sneaking in a lot of My Little Pony references. And also dubstep. Because who doesn’t love MLP and Dubstep? Idiots.

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