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Seriously, I hope that 2013 is your best year yet. (That was from the bottom of my bacon-filled heart)

From one [amateur] content creator to another, I thought I’d let you in on a little tip you’ve hopefully heard many times before: CREATE CONTENT. (And don’t make this some dumb ass New Year’s resolution. Make it your lifestyle.)

Yeah, pretty much. The world has too many people spouting useless opinions about topics they only know the surface of, and not enough people creating and enjoying the mediums that they do know and care to know more about. Get off of your butt (or onto your butt if you like to do computer things) and create something for other people to partake in, and hopefully enjoy; who knows, they may even learn some truth about life that they didn’t know before. And the value there is actually priceless. Seriously. We feed off each other. That’s the way we were designed.

So instead of getting caught up in trying to become ├╝ber-famous and making sure that every person who breathes appreciates who you are, just go out there and make things that you enjoy; the people who share those interests with you will only find you and a share their joy with you if you’re out there and creating. Create a stupid video with your family, a timelapse of your bike adventure, a piece of pottery, a nice poem, a cake, some soap, mittens, burgers, a virtual city, a nice letter to your grandma or a stranger halfway around the world, a birdhouse, a webcomic, a tumblr account that you’ll never use, some furniture; just create anything, the world is at your disposal.

So go and create something beautiful. Whatever beautiful is to you.

P.S. See what I did there? I created content, by writing a post about creating content. Content-creation-ception.

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