Mico’s Feelings


You see what that is? ‘S an acronym, ‘s for sumthin’ speshul, stands for

“In under gooey iris elf dinosaur Jamaican guy is weird so jump rover poopies or hungry Ukrainian salamanders rrrrrrr pow happy green idiots japan royalty popsicles or hippopotamus in Peru over international times”

I know it doesn’t make sense, but I may or may not have tripped over my keyboard and pretended like I actually made some acronym up. Ok, maybe I did. But at least I tried, and you can get some serious points for that in school. So, what am I doing here? Not much, just talkin’, walkin’ and talkin’, walkin’ talkin’ and gawkin’ all dem chicks! No ,but I really have nothing to say, I kind of sat down here thinking I would write a review but ‘snot even Saturday yet, so what else can I do? Nothing, that’s my only talent. I literally can’t do anything else, I kind of sit here staring at a blank page, and stuff just kind of comes out of my brain and onto the internet. It sounds disgusting and it truly is, it’s a nasty process, but I got to do it.

Wait, I’m doing something else, right now. I can do something else! I will do something else! I’m gonna talk about my feeling!  No one cares about my feelings? Well then I’ll just tell you about this awesome thing I’m doing right now! WRITING!  ‘s amazing! It’s like you sit down, and you think, and then you spell some words, correctly or incorrectly, depending on how you feel at the moment. Plus, it’s your own deadline, I could theoretically start writing this today, and finish writing it by the time that time-travel is invented, then I can go back in time, hit myself upside the head and tell myself to post this sooner because my future boss gets really mad really easy and wants me to shape up or he’s going to steal my wife and go to Vegas or whatever and they’ll get married by Elvis (in proximity, not like he’s going to marry them) and then I’ll end up with their wedding bill and then I’ll have to resort to a life of crime just to pay for the upkeep of my children that YOU DESERTED MAGGIE!!!!

I’m actually making some pretty good headway right now. You know, if I don’t make it in life, I could become an author, I’d probably write some better novels than some fools that exist right now… cough… sorry, had some sparkles caught in my throat there. So there’s that, if my dream of becoming a lumberjack doesn’t come through, then I’ll just be forced to resort to novelism, is that a word? Spellcheck disagrees. Well too bad for Spellcheck, it’s a word now.

No, but I did come here for a reason, that’s my possible plans for filming myself play video games, and then having people laugh at me. I hope that this will be something that the Empire would see as a possibility, it might end up being a solo endeavour, which is actually better, and I’m more of a wolf pack of one. Even so, if this became more than just me pretending to do something with my life, then I could invite some members of the Bacon Strip Empire to join in on my shenanigans, and then they would all be better than me, and tell better jokes, and then usurp my throne as head nerd of the Empire. That’s my job. No one here has as much experience with loneliness as I do!  (Sad face)

I already do this whole thing on the internet where I take a game, look at it, make up my decision of my enjoyment of the game by looking at the box art. And then I use my keyboard to (barely) form sentences. I genuinely think that doing LPs is something I would be good at. All you really have to do is play a video game, and yell at NPC’s. This was made for me.

So that’s what I’ve been thinking about lately. I would ask you what you’re thinking about but that would require you to care, and have the ability to comment to things.

Also, just as a heads up, I have at least 5 game reviews lined up, so you can just stay happy in the oncoming onslaught of laughter, or slaughter, those two words are very similar to me.

There you go, that’s what’s happening…

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