As this title implies I’m going to talk about stuff. Is that it? No sir. But yes. Anyways here goes.

Come June there will be a great assembly of an ancient race who will discuss what to do with the great war of the distant cosmos as a result of unlimited solar energy amidst the stars… In other words a couple of us admins are getting together to work on some stuff for BSE, lovely. One of our main projects, (or progects, figured I’d mix things up) will be our brand spanking new old video known as The Quest for Triumph. Re-Made it will be yes.

We will try and make this new old video look as legit as it comes. We will make LOTR look like a sad whale with no friends. The video if it becomes too big and glorious, (like a toast),  will then merely be divided into numerous episodes. More characters, scenes, and hilariousness will be some additions. Me and the fish guy will probably tackle all the imaginatical juices, as with the Marshmallow and the tall fellow, they may be doing some o’ the editingness, and that kid with the million dollar camera will be our camera guy.

As of now me is buyings the props needed for such films. The rarenessity of such props is much but fear not I make some maybe. And as my first endeavour I shall bring about a war hammer for the Old Man of true Gryphness. No further spoilers for the actual storyline but he has a war hammer. We mostly likely will undergo this awesome sauce in late June when the knights of the round table arrive. Further updates with great grammar come soon maybe.

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