[Ph!GR] Super Smash Bros. Brawl

*stumbles around looking for a game to review* Super Mario Galaxy! Wait. No. I did that. Super… that’s what this is, it’s Super, but what is Super? Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That’s gotta be pretty super, it has super in the title, it’s the first word.  So, what can I say about this game? Pfft. It’s got the Mario, it’s got Link, it’s got Sonic (Gawshdaggit!) but it also has some serious action, and that’s the real selling point for the SSB franchise.

So, if you don’t know already SSBB is like this hyper crazy, hyper awesome fighting game, it’s completely set apart from other fighters, because of how it plays. It’s not two ripped guys standing in a 20 foot long room and they can only go back and forth, it doesn’t have fatalities or Hadoukens, it just has fireballs and Mr. Saturns. It’s just kind of great. Plus it’s probably the best game for four guys that are just hanging out and having fun.

The game actually adds a story type concept, which the first two games didn’t really have. The story just involves Nintendo characters hitting a bunch of mindless slave called “Primids” which are made up of these purple balls that come from the spaces! While there are some form of cut scenes, they do nothing except show you what character you’ll be playing as, where you’ll be and on the rare occasion what you’ll be fighting. It also tells you that you’re fighting this guy that has shurikens for arms and drops bombs that are activated by robots with emotions.  But that’s pretty much all there is to the main story. The real fun in the game rests in the multiplayer option, which is best enjoyed with a full group of friends, or enemies. Either way you’ll end up enemies near the end.  If you’re someone who’s lonely this game has plenty of ways to keep you occupied.

When Brawl first came out, people said that it was a bunch of balls and they had changed everything, but I disagree, I think that it was pretty rad. The End.

Ok, it gets a perfect score or something, whatever, it’s got Mario, and it’s got Link and it’s the only game out there where you can see Nintendo characters punching each other in the face.yay.

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