Ramblings, another installment from that guy no one really looks forward to seeing in their day.

So here I am, typing on my computer at an unholy hour (4 PM) just for something to do.

I don’t really have anything to say, I’m just saying what I feel like saying, nothing really applies to anything. Does that even make sense? “Nothing applies to everything”, I’m pretty sure I just unlocked the secret key to the city of the universe. Think ‘bout it, it’s like some kind of Ghandi thing that I just came up with. I think people should follow me around and listen to my wise words of wisdom, and then I can form like a mega cult and get loads of ladies to birth my sons, and no one else in the cult could do anything without my say-so. It would be so cool. Have you guys ever learned anything about cults? They sound like really cool things to be in charge of, but not so much a member of. Like the leaders can take your wife if she got the nice lady features, then you have to do all the things they want you to. Really it’s all about leading, like a bunch of lemurs… Lemmings.

So anyways, I just picked up this TV remote, and I was about to watch something on the TV but I got my attention caught by some form of words that I was writing. Will I get to a point? No, these are just my ramblings. I really never have anything important to say, people always ignore me when I’m doing really cool stuff like juggling flaming machetes while saving a bus full of elderly orphans. But when I do something stupid or socially unacceptable, like picking my nose or dropping flaming machetes on elderly orphans, everybody notices me. Like I just suddenly come off as the jerk wad that does really stupid stuff always. But I do some cool things too. I also do some mediocre stuff. I think I’m done with my point here.

So, I figure that writing like this is really effective, like I’m just typing out my train of thought; you’re reading all the words that are in my head.


So I figure that someday I’ll start like an advice column where girls named “Confused” and “Hopelessly In Love” will come and email me about how their boyfriend is into some really creepy stuff like a cult where the leader takes all the ladies or some guy with a cute butt or whatever thinks that they’re disgusting. My advice to all these unfortunately named females would be my name and number, cause surely they can’t all be horrendously disfigured or have terrible personalities. And sometimes you just gotta show a girl you care, be that with a box of flowers or naming your character after her in Skyrim, chicks dig a man that has a level 30 High Elf mage named “Rachel”, that’s an example, you should replace that name with your girlfriends.  Are you reading this men? I am a veritable gold mine of cult worthy followmanshipness.  Seriously I am the man that men want to be and women want to be with, in a cult. We’ll be called “The Mico Cult”… Ok, so I’m not really original with names, but hey, I gave it a shot.

What else is new? Well I never really talked about anything new, so what else can I jabber on about?

Whew, all this typing is leaving me rather winded, I would advise myself to consume a frothy beverage, but I’m too tired. I’m trying to break the record here for longest most pointless thing you’ve probably ever seen, how am I doing here? I don’t really have a reference point to go on, unless you’ve seen like The Green Lantern or something, then I’ll really have to step up my game. That movie wasn’t as pointless as it was a terrible slog through space poop covered in Ryan Reynolds and his awesome acting, which is really brought together by the long space between him starting his day and getting the ring which is not what Frodo needs to defeat Sauron, but a ring that projects his thoughts, yeah, cause people seeing exactly what you’re thinking with a green hue to it is just so super.

I’m just rambling on. How about you? You been reading any good books? I doubt it. You see any cool objects in your globe-trotting adventures? No? Shucks.

Are you still reading this? I doubt it, I could just end right now and no one would care, I’m gonna go ahead and just end in the middle of the next sentence. I really like bananas cause they’re high in potassium. Ok, I didn’t end it right there, but I’m abo-

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