Hey there, it’s just Dale, checking in at the Empire. I totally came here to let you all in on my thoughts, and then I hit a brick wall. Not literally though. But I was just like, “meh. Life is life. I think I’m much to profound and cool to write anything entertaining for you.” And so I just left this post blank, for like at least 3 hours. Then I went and goofed off in front of my camera, while building a snowhill. And that was really lame and exhilerating at the same time.

I suppose you’re hoping that this post will come to some sort of a climax. It might still, I guess; but really I wouldn’t bet all my rupees on it.

Speaking of rupees, I just got a shirt the other day from another YouTube-r whom I admire greatly. It’s a really awesome shirt. In fact, it’s so awesome I’m going to post a picture of it.

Yeah, pretty much.

2 responses on “How to Build a Snowhill

  1. PhantumFish

    I think every one at Bacon Strip Empire admires Olan Rogers greatly. We kind of have to, seeing as how our comedy is very Balloon Shop inspired.

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