Thinking Time!

So anyways, I’m sitting here trying to come up with some form of news that I could offer about the goings ons in The Empire, but alas, I have none.

I could start chatting about “Cheese Balls”, rap about a on going project in the editing phase “Bank Robbery”. But I honestly have nothing, I could talk about the new and improved script for Quest For Triumph, and how we’re going to include that second one, and probably make both at least several different videos. I could talk about our plans for shirts, or plans for LPs, but I don’t really have any news about nothing.

I think all would be better if we just left alone all of my thoughts and disregarded them as anything special, I hope that someday I could come up with some extremely imagintave views on the future of The Empire, or talk about how we’re gonna be in movies and 13 year old girls would tape a poster of me on their ceiling  so that way they could kiss me each night before going to bed. But none of that seems plausible, and nothing seems important, and I never told you anything.

Are you still reading this? I haven’t talked about anything important, this is just me rambling on in a desperate attempt to get people to like me. Why are you still here? I’m not important. Why don’t I have Skyrim yet? If I’m gonna lose my leg, I shoud at least be doing something I love, no I’m being serious right now. Some guy had to get his leg chopped off because he overloaded on Doritos and Monster energy drink while playing Skyrim. I am so jealous right now. Did you just read what I said? I’m jealous of some guy who lost his leg… Google it, he was playing for 2 days straight, chopped his leg off. Right there. Right in the middle of a battle with a Mudcrab. Which by the way, one almost killed me in Oblivion, really, my brother set the dificulty on the hardest one while I wasn’t looking so I had the bright idea I would kill one wth my bare hands, and I got schooled. You’re really reading all of this? should I include a picture? are you expecting a graph? Maybe some kind of moisty wipe? A pretty girl to come and care about you? I sure do wish half of twice the amount of things I listed would happen.

I feel like this post really needs a picture, could this post do better with a picture? Cause I feel like adding a picture. I’m going to go ahead and add a picture. Unless a picture would take away from all of this expert writing. Would a picture take away from all this expert writing? Cause I feel like a picture would take away from all this expert writing.

There’s your kitten. It’s so cute. LOOKS AT IT!

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