The Man Behind the Music

As the guy in charge of bloopers and musical guidance, it’s my job to find the funniest stuff and put it into a nice little tidbit just for you. I (Mico) also have the wonderful job of deciding what kind of music goes into the videos.

My last two projects were the blooper videos. I had to take the funniest goofs that we made during our previous three videos, Warzone Overtime and Staring Contest, I remember having to kneel behind a camera for five minutes as Tyrone and Calen laughed their heads off trying to look at Bryan. And then because we had some technical issues with the cameras battery we had to switch to a lower quality camera. So I sat there waiting for the two goons to focus, and once I thought we had it good enough we started filming Warzone and Tyrone had the bright idea of filming the last scene of Overtime. So guess what I did… Yes, I enjoyed Calen and Tyrone laughing at the ridiculousness of each other.

They never had to pick their own noses on camera, I did that just fine. (I didn’t actually pick it, I’m just a real good actor.)

So with musical guidance I get to show everyone how much of a hipster I am. I use songs from Celldweller and the like, which no one has probably ever heard of. But I like having the responsibility of putting awesome music into awesome videos.

So, yeah, that’s just another day in the life of me.


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