As some of you may or may not know, I (Jonathan) am taking a digital imaging course. However, everyone knows that’s just a silly technical way of saying “Photoshop”. However, you are likely saying to your self, “What does that matter? Why are you telling me this?” and such well thought out and deliberate questions deserve to be answered to the fullest measure.

See, today it just so happens a midterm presented itself. And in its presentation, it made it very clear that the third portion of itself should be a poster for a movie, band, or what-have-you. Instantly, it dawned on me… I must make a movie poster for the Bacon Strip Empire feature production that will surely be in the works one day! And with this startling revelation, I proceeded to demolish the first two portions of the exam with sheer knowledge and good looks before beginning the third and primary portion. After two or so hours of slaving under the harsh dim, flickering fluorescents, I zoomed out from a cluster of pixels I was Frankensteining and THIS IS WHAT I SAW:

Critics say: "It's sizzlin'!", "One hot blockbuster!", "It's like bacon for my eyes!"

You are welcome, internet.

~ MrMarshmallow

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