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[Behind the Scenes] The Rickety Old Barn

Set of RMFD and TQFT

This barn is a common set for our videos, especially more “in-depth” ones like The Quest For Triumph and Rated M For Doom.  It is a rickety old thing, and is actually considered dangerous in some of the upper regions. I hope you know we’re out there, risking our lives just to provide you with a few minutes of entertainment. So enjoy our videos!


Set for TQFT and RMFD

[Behind the Scenes] The Chess Master

Taran in The Chess Master

The Chess Master was the first video ever made by Bacon Strip Empire, with only 3 members at the time, Taran, Allison, and Calen. It is where several trends started in the Empire, such as someone dying, the song Mind Heist, and general stupidity. Here Taran is pictured in one of our first clips filmed in the history of the Empire.


Calen in The Chess Master

Here, Calen is seen showing off his chewed-up Cheez-Its. This is where the idea for the Cheez-It Tournament originated.

[Behind the Scenes] Crossroads


Crossroads was probably our favorite video when it came out originally. It was one of those ideas that just came to us while discussing awkward human situations like we always do in the empire, and we thought it would look funny on camera. Both myself (Dale) and Taran really enjoyed being in this film as we got to yell a lot.


Taran Pre-Filming of Crossroads

As you can see, Taran is quite mesmerized by the greenness of the landscape. As a Texan he is used to hot, dry, brownness 367 days of the year.


Dale in Crossroads

Dale mid-yell/point of one of his lines, trying to ignore the insane amount of horseflies that were present on set.

Nothing To Do

Nothing To Do was a very different movie for the folks at Bacon Strip Empire. It is only the second video in which no one was shot and/or killed, and the first one to not be a vlog as well. How we came across the idea is pretty obvious; we basically turned the camera on while super bored. This is what came out.

[Behind the Scenes] The Quest For Triumph

Calen Directing TQFT

The Quest For Triumph was definitely one to go down in the history books of Bacon Strip Empire. We finally wrote something down for one of our videos before filming. It was a little new to us, this whole scripting things, but we think it made things a lot better for this video. In the above shot, Calen is cracking his whip at the lowly people without a “script.”


Discussing a scene in TQFT

Here, once again Calen is directing the scene to Tyrone and Mico.


King Tortulius

Calen is portraying poor King Tortulius


Gun-Smoke Tommy in TQFT

Tyrone as Gun-Smoke Tommy


Gun-Slinger Willis

Tyrone as Gunslinger Willis

Princess Allsion in TQFT

Allison as Princess Allsion (And yes, that “typo” was intentional. Calen misspelled the name in production so many times that we decided to keep it.)


Grunch in TQFT

Mico as Grunch, the Russian henchman


Sir Woofums in TQFT

Walker as Sir Woofums, Princess Allsion’s loyal companion


Prince Patrick in TQFT

Taran as Prince Patrick


Elburt in TQFT

Taran as Elburt, the German henchman


Sgt. Seafore in TQFT

And finally, Mico as Sargent Seafore