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Hey there, it’s just Dale, checking in at the Empire. I totally came here to let you all in on my thoughts, and then I hit a brick wall. Not literally though. But I was just like, “meh. Life is life. I think I’m much to profound and cool to write anything entertaining for you.” And so I just left this post blank, for like at least 3 hours. Then I went and goofed off in front of my camera, while building a snowhill. And that was really lame and exhilerating at the same time. Continue reading

[Update] Bank Robbery

I figured since I hadn’t posted anything in like a whole week!… I would post me some delicious shpeels in regards to our new movie in editing, Bank Robbery. I probably don’t have too much to say about it but this will fill up some of your time, thumbs up.

Well it was last weekend me and some chumskys were eating nachos at my place when we decided to spawn a movie. Bank Robbery is what resulted. Basically I just plopped a ski mask on my face and acted like myself. The other fellas played some folks. Anyhow majority of that video became bloopers, which we will probably release soon cause it’s the beans. And I bet you’re wondering why we didn’t post this new golden delicious video up. Too many calories in one shot isn’t good for you.

 So hopefully it should come up next week or maybe even this weekend. Until then stay classy.

Thinking Time!

So anyways, I’m sitting here trying to come up with some form of news that I could offer about the goings ons in The Empire, but alas, I have none.

I could start chatting about “Cheese Balls”, rap about a on going project in the editing phase “Bank Robbery”. But I honestly have nothing, I could talk about the new and improved script for Quest For Triumph, and how we’re going to include that second one, and probably make both at least several different videos. I could talk about our plans for shirts, or plans for LPs, but I don’t really have any news about nothing. Continue reading


Mico here with another whatever the poop I’m doing and I’m here to talk about my feelings… yay!

Ever since I was a little boy, fresh out of diapers, I have been into Legend of Zelda, thanks to Calen. I was probably the only person on earth who didn’t think Link was called Zelda, because Calen addressed that issue as soon as he started playing the game at my house so I didn’t have the oportunity to be wrong. But something I’ve wanted to do is create a series that highlights all of Links adventures, Continue reading

[Update] The Quest for Triumph Sequel

As a chief movie producer (Calen) my goal is to arrange for a second Quest for Triumph video, either a re-make with more quality, jokes, etc. Or we will make a sequel with all of these included. The date we had in mind was for summer when most of us admins get together. Scripts are already in the process of being written and ideas are being produced. Our goal is to establish a hilarious materpiece with our next Quest for Triumph video. We will update later as we progress with establishing this new video idea.

The Man Behind the Music

As the guy in charge of bloopers and musical guidance, it’s my job to find the funniest stuff and put it into a nice little tidbit just for you. I (Mico) also have the wonderful job of deciding what kind of music goes into the videos.

My last two projects were the blooper videos. I had to take the funniest goofs that we made during our previous three videos, Warzone Overtime and Staring Contest Continue reading

Up and Up!

Bacon Strip Empire is on the move. We hope to provide all of you devoted followers of ours up to date as best we can, and to do so we have introduced our own website. (For all you computer people out there, we realize we don’t own the rights, but it is ours, okay!)

But yes, we are working on a lot of new projects and ideas, including the release of Continue reading