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Mico’s Zombie Problems

Oh hot tamales! I’m back, and you thought I was dead. I am dead, but that’s beside the point, I’m a zombie… Go brains! I mean *cough* braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainss… That’s how they say it, right? Right.  So it’s Saturday, and you know what that means. The weekend, but less importantly, I’m writing a review right now. So let’s get this show on the road. Continue reading

Mico’s Feelings


You see what that is? ‘S an acronym, ‘s for sumthin’ speshul, stands for

“In under gooey iris elf dinosaur Jamaican guy is weird so jump rover poopies or hungry Ukrainian salamanders rrrrrrr pow happy green idiots japan royalty popsicles or hippopotamus in Peru over international times” Continue reading


As this title implies I’m going to talk about stuff. Is that it? No sir. But yes. Anyways here goes.

Come June there will be a great assembly of an ancient race who will discuss what to do with the great war of the distant cosmos as a result of unlimited solar energy amidst the stars… In other words a couple of us admins are getting together to work on some stuff for BSE, lovely. One of our main projects, (or progects, figured I’d mix things up) will be our brand spanking new old video known as The Quest for Triumph. Re-Made it will be yes.

We will try and make this new old video look as legit as it comes. We will make LOTR look like a sad whale with no friends. The video if it becomes too big and glorious, (like a toast),  will then merely be divided into numerous episodes. More characters, scenes, and hilariousness will be some additions. Me and the fish guy will probably tackle all the imaginatical juices, as with the Marshmallow and the tall fellow, they may be doing some o’ the editingness, and that kid with the million dollar camera will be our camera guy.

As of now me is buyings the props needed for such films. The rarenessity of such props is much but fear not I make some maybe. And as my first endeavour I shall bring about a war hammer for the Old Man of true Gryphness. No further spoilers for the actual storyline but he has a war hammer. We mostly likely will undergo this awesome sauce in late June when the knights of the round table arrive. Further updates with great grammar come soon maybe.


What is this?! Amateur hour?…

So I guess now might be a good time to admit that Bacon Strip Empire is a young group of hooligans who don’t have a hot clue what’s going on in “the industry”.

Oh… you knew that already? Well, that’s awkward. I guess that really destroys the purpose of this post.

Oh wait. It doesn’t. I just stopped by to let any of you who still check us out know that we haven’t fallen off the edge of the world, we’re just simply at a quiet point. Look out for the summer and next year, for we will all be united and one force for all that is good and crispy. Except I don’t like my bacon crispy, but whatever; no one’s counting… or something.


Things I Say!!

So, I figured since it’s been a while and everyone loves to listen to me talk, I can write another blog post. None of those touchy feely will-they-or-won’t-they things, but real manly stuff that men are into like steak and muscles cars. What should I talk about? Why don’t you give me a topic?

I’m waiting…

Seriously, what the nicklepickler?

Are you go-

Oh, I can’t interrupt you while you’re thinking?


Ok, screw it. Continue reading

Bacon Strip Empire… the Game

Well I figured I’d have at it again so here goes. Early January I began working on some delicious project which I don’t know what to call so as for now the name is Bacon Strip Empire, the video game. In previous posts I’ve mentioned what this game consists of and so on and so forth. Basically I’m just going to write a brief update on the game’s status right now.

The storyline of the game is roughly 85% done would be my guess. Ooh, that 85 is looking pretty sweet. But yeah anyways I should have the storyline done in a week or so. Should being the key word. Or key, or or, or I don’t really know. Another factor needed in this crazy thing I call completion would be the additions of various things, which would include side quests, extra maps, additional profile information and all whatnot.

I would also go through the game and edit everything possible. I would also like to send a rough copy of the game to all my bros of the admin variety. The Baqueen (more of a sis then a bro) will finish the making of some artwork I intend to add to the game, MrMarshmallow has got his hands tied with all sorts of projects but hopefully soon I can get my hands on them, lastly PhantumFish is doing some sprite related work. Once all that is taken care of I’d like numerous test runs of the game by different individuals. After all that I’d like the game released.

The release of this Bacon action game (or Baction for short) probably won’t be until summer but if everything goes smoothly quickly then it may very well be before then. But the deadline is for around august for sure. So bye.

Ramblings, another installment from that guy no one really looks forward to seeing in their day.

So here I am, typing on my computer at an unholy hour (4 PM) just for something to do.

I don’t really have anything to say, I’m just saying what I feel like saying, nothing really applies to anything. Does that even make sense? “Nothing applies to everything”, I’m pretty sure I just unlocked the secret key to the city of the universe. Continue reading

The Little Boy Who Cried Bacon-Killers

Sit down, my dear peasants. The queen is going to read you a story.

There once was a little boy named Bacon. He was a farmer’s son, who grew large fields of various pork meats–bacon being the majority of the crops. One day, Bacon was skipping through the beautiful red-and-white-striped fields of his father’s bacon farm, smelling the wonderful aroma that of which was bacon. But on that fateful day, he had tripped upon a bacon root and face-planted into the dirt. When the little boy got up, he realized he had better things to do than riskily skip through the bacon fields. He decided…to run into the village of Baconavia, that in which he resided, and shout some words.

“The Bacon-killers are coming!” The boy cried with all his little brains. “The Bacon-killers are coming!”

The Baconavians rushed out of their houses, crying and running for the hills, taking all the bacon they could carry. But when they realized Continue reading