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[Ph!GR] Donkey Kong 64

Greetings. Phantum Fish is near death so I, his imaginary friend is or am is going to types what he had in his will. One last game review… unless he gets better after dying, like that one guy in that one movie with stuff I don’t like (I haven’t seen the movie nor care to). Let us have a moment of silence as we mourn for the death of our mutual fish friend…………………………………………… That’s good enough. Anyways I am going to talk about the somberness of dying… in the form of Donkey Kong 64! Yippy skippy. Continue reading


As this title implies I’m going to talk about stuff. Is that it? No sir. But yes. Anyways here goes.

Come June there will be a great assembly of an ancient race who will discuss what to do with the great war of the distant cosmos as a result of unlimited solar energy amidst the stars… In other words a couple of us admins are getting together to work on some stuff for BSE, lovely. One of our main projects, (or progects, figured I’d mix things up) will be our brand spanking new old video known as The Quest for Triumph. Re-Made it will be yes.

We will try and make this new old video look as legit as it comes. We will make LOTR look like a sad whale with no friends. The video if it becomes too big and glorious, (like a toast),  will then merely be divided into numerous episodes. More characters, scenes, and hilariousness will be some additions. Me and the fish guy will probably tackle all the imaginatical juices, as with the Marshmallow and the tall fellow, they may be doing some o’ the editingness, and that kid with the million dollar camera will be our camera guy.

As of now me is buyings the props needed for such films. The rarenessity of such props is much but fear not I make some maybe. And as my first endeavour I shall bring about a war hammer for the Old Man of true Gryphness. No further spoilers for the actual storyline but he has a war hammer. We mostly likely will undergo this awesome sauce in late June when the knights of the round table arrive. Further updates with great grammar come soon maybe.

Bacon Strip Empire… the Game

Well I figured I’d have at it again so here goes. Early January I began working on some delicious project which I don’t know what to call so as for now the name is Bacon Strip Empire, the video game. In previous posts I’ve mentioned what this game consists of and so on and so forth. Basically I’m just going to write a brief update on the game’s status right now.

The storyline of the game is roughly 85% done would be my guess. Ooh, that 85 is looking pretty sweet. But yeah anyways I should have the storyline done in a week or so. Should being the key word. Or key, or or, or I don’t really know. Another factor needed in this crazy thing I call completion would be the additions of various things, which would include side quests, extra maps, additional profile information and all whatnot.

I would also go through the game and edit everything possible. I would also like to send a rough copy of the game to all my bros of the admin variety. The Baqueen (more of a sis then a bro) will finish the making of some artwork I intend to add to the game, MrMarshmallow has got his hands tied with all sorts of projects but hopefully soon I can get my hands on them, lastly PhantumFish is doing some sprite related work. Once all that is taken care of I’d like numerous test runs of the game by different individuals. After all that I’d like the game released.

The release of this Bacon action game (or Baction for short) probably won’t be until summer but if everything goes smoothly quickly then it may very well be before then. But the deadline is for around august for sure. So bye.

Half Ways Done

As the title implies, I’m making progress on eating that fifty foot sub I bought but now for other, less important matters. It may have occurred to all, many, some, or none that I am making a second game of the game variety. Now we all loved The Quest for Triumph video game because it was so massive and took for ever to beat but I figured perhaps a game that actually is big in a not so sarcastic way would be nice too. What could this game possibly feature? This game contains REAL people in a fictional scenario. Bruce Lee you say? Yes I most certainly am in there but I’m not Bruce Lee. It also contains eleven others of the bacon variety.

The game starts off with everyone’s favorite tall super hero, Taran. He is traveling the cosmos in search for true bacon, or escaping a mad pig emperor. One of those two. Continue reading

Mission Accomplished

Baconalen here with the latest news. It may or may not have crossed your mind that I had been designing a video game based on our Quest for Triumph video. In a period of about two weeks I completed it and sent the game to some marshmallow fellow. The game is roughly between 3-5 hours in gameplay unless you’re one-handed, in which case I suppose you’d double the time and fun.

Anyways that is said and done so now the question was… do I make another game? Well, after much discussing, planning and brainstorming with my other broskys and sisky the answer was no, I mean yes. The ideas aren’t out the roof yet but I have begun making the basic stuff for this new game. With the assistance of the Baqueen and our marshmallowy friend I will begin the new masterpiece which right now is simply titled BSE Game but that will probably change Continue reading

Making Progress

Your friendly neighbour hood Calen here. Anyways I figured I would give a Christmas gift to you kids out there, an update about the game I’m making. As many of you know I have taken it upon myself to make a game about The Quest for Triumph. About a week ago I got my hands on an old game making engine which I was somewhat familiar with, RPG maker. In other words I am now developing an RPG (not a rocket-propelled grenade) Continue reading

Video Game!?

Good ol’ Calen’s gonna throw in his two cents again but before I do that I wanted to make a new post. As the title implies this may have something to do with video games. This concerns a brand new idea that might not work. Don’t know how it will work. I wonder if it’s even of any benefit to us. As a matter of fact you shouldn’t bother reading this.

Anyways moving on to this awesome idea. I used to do the whole video game designing shpeel and the thought came what if I experimented with that whole bean salad and the hilariousness known as Bacon Strip Empire. What I would like to try is to make a game based on one of our award winning films we have made. I would merely need to get my hands on some video game making goodness. Continue reading

[Update] Bank Robbery

I figured since I hadn’t posted anything in like a whole week!… I would post me some delicious shpeels in regards to our new movie in editing, Bank Robbery. I probably don’t have too much to say about it but this will fill up some of your time, thumbs up.

Well it was last weekend me and some chumskys were eating nachos at my place when we decided to spawn a movie. Bank Robbery is what resulted. Basically I just plopped a ski mask on my face and acted like myself. The other fellas played some folks. Anyhow majority of that video became bloopers, which we will probably release soon cause it’s the beans. And I bet you’re wondering why we didn’t post this new golden delicious video up. Too many calories in one shot isn’t good for you.

 So hopefully it should come up next week or maybe even this weekend. Until then stay classy.