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The Use Of Bacon

Well I would say that Bacon is more than just a food, it is a way of life! The bacon that flows within our veins powers us to make our videos and energizes our minds! The use of bacon is like the use of Chuck Norris! You might think that all this is terribly impossible, but have you seen our videos? I mean even while watching our videos, you will begin to taste bacon! It’s a wonderful experience! Bacon…… just the sound reminds me of it’s sizzling, sweet aroma. Without the use of bacon, your glass ain’t half full–it’s half empty! If you don’t like bacon then I would be very careful, ’cause guess what? Chuck Norris likes bacon! Yes, I did use the term “bacon” 8 times , but it changes LIVES!

Well if you don't like bacon, it was nice knowing ya!
Bacon + Chuck Norris = OH BOY!