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Mico’s Feelings


You see what that is? ‘S an acronym, ‘s for sumthin’ speshul, stands for

“In under gooey iris elf dinosaur Jamaican guy is weird so jump rover poopies or hungry Ukrainian salamanders rrrrrrr pow happy green idiots japan royalty popsicles or hippopotamus in Peru over international times” Continue reading

Things I Say!!

So, I figured since it’s been a while and everyone loves to listen to me talk, I can write another blog post. None of those touchy feely will-they-or-won’t-they things, but real manly stuff that men are into like steak and muscles cars. What should I talk about? Why don’t you give me a topic?

I’m waiting…

Seriously, what the nicklepickler?

Are you go-

Oh, I can’t interrupt you while you’re thinking?


Ok, screw it. Continue reading

Ramblings, another installment from that guy no one really looks forward to seeing in their day.

So here I am, typing on my computer at an unholy hour (4 PM) just for something to do.

I don’t really have anything to say, I’m just saying what I feel like saying, nothing really applies to anything. Does that even make sense? “Nothing applies to everything”, I’m pretty sure I just unlocked the secret key to the city of the universe. Continue reading